SkyTV – Game of Thrones “Bring Down the King”

Joffrey statue 3 - Copy for websiteBrief:

The Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere promised to be the year’s most anticipated TV moment. It was the ultimate opportunity for SKY to promote their premium channel SoHo.

SKY briefed the DDB team, including Mango, to create an event that would get non-Game of Thrones fans interested in the new season – and sign up to SoHo to see what all the fuss is about.

Game of Thrones fans are obsessed and play out their passion for the show primarily on social media.

We wanted to build a bridge between the GoT community and our target audience – the as yet unconverted. Knowing that Joffrey was the one character fans loved to hate, we devised a way to bring the social into the real world.

Building a 7 metre statue of King Joffrey and placing him in Aotea Square, we invited fans to help literally ‘Bring Down the King’ through sharing a hashtag on Twitter. Every share pulled the noose tighter.

Live cameras kept fans abreast of the action, a web page streamed messages while news media across print, online, and radio talked about the stunt even as it unfolded before our eyes.

Inevitably the power of social media physically brought down King Joffrey, to a gathered crowd of over 1,000 and an online audience across New Zealand and the world.

We created an experience that got millions of voices talking across an array of platforms, from traditional media to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram and more.

By the end, every Kiwi knew what they would miss out on if they didn’t sign up to SoHo.

And at the start of the new Games of Thrones season SKY signed up an impressive number *of new customers.

*commercially sensitive

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