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McDonald’s introduced its new customisable gourmet burger service, Create Your Taste (CYT) into New Zealand in 2015.

Seen as a category revolution that would help address brand perception problems while increasing sales, the company also saw the launch as a way to promote its use of fresh and local ingredients, its role as a local employer and its commitment to innovation.

Our core insight: CYT was as much about the experience as the build-your-own burger proposition.

To bring back the magic, we had to hero the experience and  focus on stimulating others to have CYT conversations and share their CYT experiences on our behalf.


McDonald’s couldn’t say ‘we’ve changed’, they had to genuinely change and then prove it. We took a dual strategic approach, targeting two customer audience segments individually.

Crave: heroing the local franchisees and enabling loyalists and media to experience CYT personally.

Rave: dial up the gourmet, personalisation elements using rich, content-driven approach via key influencers to create credibility and halo the brand.


We used local job creation and influencers to tell our story.

Crave:  Mini launches rolled out at each restaurant, heroing the local franchisee and enabling loyalists and media to experience Create Your Taste personally.

Rave: Dialled up the gourmet, personalisation aspect using rich bespoke content via key influencers to create creditability and halo the brand. Working with McDonald’s ’Agency Village’, 59 influencers were selected making it one of the largest campaigns of its type in NZ.

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