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Australia Day is the day that one of the most patriotic nations on earth, becomes even more patriotic. So, how could McDonald’s get Aussies to embrace one of the world’s most iconic American brands, on the very day they celebrate what it means to be an Aussie.


In Australia, there’s no greater sign of acceptance than being given a nickname, so wouldn’t it be nice, if after more than 40 years in Australia, McDonald’s made their Aussie-only nickname official?

We worked with DDB’s creative department as an integrated team to develop a through-the-line campaign, which, led by PR, helped Mcdonald’s to embrace their Aussie nickname for the month of January.

This would mean being brave and McDonald’s agreeing to do something they had never done before – changing their logo. This was a huge step for a brand with one of the most identifiable logos in the world.

Supporting the PR and name change execution was TV, outdoor, digital, point of purchase and social media.


PR Results Phase One

  • Unique impressions:99,700,372
  • PR impressions:398,801,488

PR Results Phase Two

  • AU unique impressions: 67,715,126
  • AU PR impressions: 270,860,504
  • Global unique impressions: >2.5 billion
  • Global PR impressions: >10.3 billion