Kapiti Winter Limited Edition

Kapiti Limited Edition Black Doris Plum & Creme Fraiche scoop


When premium ice cream brand Kapiti wanted to launch a limited edition ice cream in winter, we needed to entice consumers to the freezer aisle.

Kapiti gave Mango the challenge to get the word out about their new Black Doris Plum & Creme Fraîche flavour release, without any above the line support.

We know Kiwis love ice cream, but it falls off the radar in winter.  However, we also know that by creating drool-worthy images of the new limited edition ice cream, and remind them how much they love it, we could entice consumers to add it to their shopping list again.


Our idea was to embrace winter by showing how the new Kapiti limited edition ice cream fitted right into the season – from its delicious on trend colour to its place as a fireside dessert.

How it worked

Taking a two-pronged approach, we combined a small national PR outreach with engagement of five key bloggers that reached the target audiences.

Working with each blogger, we developed content with a relevant theme.

Whether it was things not to give up in winter (such as ice cream), or introducing the colour plum to your wardrobe, or simply finding new ways to serve ice cream, the content was extremely engaging.

Each blog also had a competition element that created a deeper engagement. Campaign reach was extended further sharing on Kapiti’s own Facebook page.

The content was rolled out over a two month period  which provided a valuable ‘always-on’ element


Over the course of the campaign period the social content created by our bloggers, totalling over 30 pieces of content, was seen by more than 244,000 people, and engaged with over 12,000 times.

Kapiti sold 103% of its forecast plus contributed to positive movements in the brand’s premium ice cream market share, a result that they were extremely happy with.
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