Summer 2011/12 was predominantly wet, particularly in the ‘winterless north’.  Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands, the largest tourist operator in the region, had seen a decline in tourist numbers to this beautiful part of New Zealand and a direct downturn in its business as a result.

On top of this, every city and small town is now vying for the tourist dollar with increasingly professional marketing campaigns. The Bay of Islands was typically combined with Destination Northland and Fullers GreatSights believed it was missing out on both local and international visitors as a result.

Mango was appointed to help reverse the trend, with a brief to remind people that the Bay of Islands is a stunning destination for short or long breaks.


Research showed that Aucklanders thought the Bay of Islands was “dull and old fashioned’, too far to drive and ‘somewhere I used to go’.

Mango realised it needed to overcome these myths and remind Aucklanders, in particular, that the Bay of Islands was the perfect holiday destination and closer than they thought.

Tapping into the insight that Kiwis are spending too long at their desks and, conversely, that Friday afternoons are pretty much ‘dead time’, especially when the sun is shining, Mango developed Freedom Fridays.

Freedom Fridays is a campaign to encourage people to leave work a bit earlier on Fridays and escape to the beautiful Bay of Islands.

First we reminded people about what was on offer in the Bay of Islands through a series of editorial features (including New Zealand Herald, Woman’s Day, Weekend Herald, Sunday Star-Times, Sunday News etc) with Fullers GreatSights experiences included.

We then launched Freedom Fridays to media using survey results we commissioned about how effective workers are on Friday afternoons (not very) so people could lobby their bosses to sneak off early on a Friday.

This was supplemented by a social media campaign, a protest on Queen Street to gain awareness, month-long radio promotions that included ringing contestants’ bosses to get them the afternoon off work for their Freedom Friday, and a spectacular billboard on Auckland motorway encouraging people to keep driving ahead to reach the Bay of Islands.


Media coverage to date has exceeded $500,000 in PR value and includes glowing Bay of Islands recommendations from highly-regarded travel writers plus key media articles about the Freedom Friday campaign on launch day.

As well, there has been huge local community and business support for Fullers GreatSights since the launch of the campaign which, more importantly, has seen market share for their business grow significantly in a very short space of time.

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